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We have our foes

We did have three international sites, but Samton deleted one from their contact. Now, a website considered Game Explorer was a Samton website. But owner, Rajesh Goyal, cussed at Samton saying "Fu** you Samton", which just went downhill.

Two international websites

Samton was so glad of TWO international websites for kids. One was Bored Kids©, another was Kids Klub©, and they both liked Samton's content. Now, once Kids Klub started advertising Samton Network, traffic came in! And Samton could say they have members from AROUND THE WORLD. This really interested Samton members and traffic came in!

The Network begins

Although, Samton now is a network, Samton began as a one-website deal. Then, in June, 2009, GameWorld© began. Gameworld is a Samton website built by Sage Myers. Sage was friends with Solange, and she decided to make her own website after she saw Samton. Not stealing an idea, she got inspired. Plus, Solange saw gameworld as an opportunity. Game world first started as kids world, although, that was too common. They got an upgrade by Samton with a little contract. So, Samton asked Gameworld if they would like to join Samton. GameWorld agreed. That's where the networking began.

Now, in July of 2009, Samton found Bored Kids©. Bored kids were also a social networking site created by Ryan Moss. Bored Kids HQ are in the UK, which was a good choice for Samton. Samton "partnered" with Boredkids, and now boredkids are sponsers of Samton.

Kids Klub© is another social networking site for kids. Samton found kids Klub, and two months later, Kids Klub partnered with Samton. Kids Klub is also created in the UK. Kids Klub was created by Rahul Wahibudul.

Samton Network was a concept

Samton Network was an idea in Febuary of 2009. Founder/CEO/Chairman, Solange Wright had built some websites before Samton. They were extremely crappy. Although, she learned from her mistakes. Solange also taught herself how to use blah-blah-blah tools, and html, etc. In September of 2009, Solange deleted all of her "training sites", and included on with Samton.

When Samton Network premeired in April 22, 2009, No members. Then, in May 15, Samton got 2 members. By June, 2009, Samton Network had 4 members. It stayed like that till August 2009, Samton got a 5th member. Solange realized something. With advertising her website, nobody would join because of how quiet it was. Yet, if she got another 5 members, then she would get a jackpot on members. By september, Samton had 16 members. By October, 25 members. By November, 30 members. By December, Samton had 36 members.